Tiln Braxt

Dwarven Forgemaster, Armorsmith


Forgemasters are priestly dwarves who are ritual casters and expert enchanters, able to produce their rune-graven armaments with astonishing speed. Tiln is a dwarf without a true home at this time. When he was very young, his parents were sent on a trade mission far away from their home warrens. During their travels, his parents were killed and he was raised by dwarves from the 5 Kingdoms. No one knew where his secretive clan’s warrens were located, just a general location supposedly not far from the city of Lanrael. He is offering a sizeable reward for those that can lead him to his true homeland. So far there has been no success, just con artists that were easily discovered by use of his clerical abilities.

His daughter, Silar Braxt, is following his example and becoming a Forgemaster.

Location 39

Tiln Braxt

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