Welcome to Lanrael, a custom built city now set in the Varisian frontier.

I originally created this city and surrounding area for a D&D 2nd ed. campaign in the early 1990’s that ran for over 3 years. I am currently in the process of converting the 150+ NPC’s to the Pathfinder system, as well as the permanent encounters that correspond with the established maps. I have been playing and DMing since 1979 when I started playing the original box set of Dungeon and Dragons. The campaign launched on October 5th, 2013. Details are in the Adventure Log

This campaign is very detailed oriented. Characters will be based out of the city and have a background “job” where they ply their trade between adventures. As the DM, I have a loose overall plan (through level 10 atm), but their is NO set storyline. Rather, I have prepared numerous encounter’s set in and around the city, as well as exploration of the surrounding river, forest and mountain terrain. Players beware, not all adventure hooks are meant to be followed. I firmly believe that there should be rumors of adventures meant for differing levels of characters, and the intelligent player will do a bit of research before hopping into an adventure that will likely end in their death.(Ie. Low level characters attempting to confront a large Ogre hunting party.)

I have made a number of “House Rules” that will be utilized in this campaign. This generally consists of expanded Fumble/critical tables, changes/additions to skills, a custom crafting system, and a number of small rule clarifications.

In it’s D&D 2nd ed. incarnation, I had over 18 players and 20+ PC’s. I would DM for individuals and groups, usually having 2-7 players at any one sitting. Due to my extensive background work on this setting, molding the encounter’s to fit the group available was relatively easy. I plan on starting this campaign with 4-6 players, but will likely add more as I finish converting my previously established encounters.

If you live in Ravenna, Ohio or the surrounding area, feel free to contact me if you may be interested in joining the campaign. If enough interest is shown, I may consider running it online as well if a suitable platform can be found.


BarrattMoy Corbus