City of Lanrael

This fast growing town was settled a mere 50 years ago, founded upon the ruins of a long abandoned city. The only partially intact structure was an ancient temple of Sarenrae. The main chapel had somehow remained pristine due to being encased in an impenetrable bubble of force, although the rest of the structure around it had been thoroughly demolished.

Nanic Felatia, an elven High Priestess of Sarenrae, discovered the intact chapel while adventuring and later led an expedition to rebuild the temple. Her group of 53 priests, acolytes and laymen started the labor of rebuilding the temple, and were slowly joined in creating the city by others looking for adventure, or just a new home.

Settlement Stats

Name: Lanrael
Alignment: Neutral Good
Type: Large Town
Government: Theocracy (Sarenrae)

Ruled by a religious group or viewpoint. The settlement alignment matches that of Sarenrae and the laws are often in accord with the dictates of the church.

Total Population: 4857
Population Breakdown: 3,256 humans; 744 halflings; 261 elves; 89 half-orcs; 81 gnomes, 44 half-elves, 25 dwarves, 357 other
Government Capitol

City of Lanrael

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