April 19th, 2014

Start Time: 12:30 pm
Location: Underhill’s Games
1747 State Road
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

I’ll be onsite at 12:10 pm. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


City of Lanrael Campaign
A brief history and story arc

The city of Lanrael is a fast growing town that was settled a mere 50 years ago and founded upon the ruins of a long abandoned city. The only partially intact structure was an ancient temple of Sarenrae. The main chapel had somehow remained pristine due to being encased in an impenetrable bubble of force, although the rest of the structure around it had been thoroughly demolished.

Nanic Felatia, an elven High Priestess of Sarenrae, discovered the intact chapel while adventuring and later led an expedition to rebuild the temple. Her group of 53 priests, acolytes and laymen started the labor of rebuilding the temple, and were slowly joined in creating the city by others looking for adventure, or just a new home.

Characters in this campaign make up some of this city’s populace and will have a role in its day-to-day existence. ALL characters will have a background job they perform between group adventures. These job’s can be anything from merchanting, crafting, performing, thieving, being part of the clergy, ad nauseum.

Also, they are all part of the city militia and can be drawn upon by the city in case of emergency or as part of their required training. Many of their early adventures will be training missions to help clear the city external environs of “nuisance” creatures to help protect the surrounding countryside. But never fear, there is plenty of other adventure to be had, both as individuals and in groups to keep any hack and slash, dungeon-crawling, adrenaline junky happy as well.

Campaign Start – 10/05/13

Characters begin arriving individually to the city of Lanrael.

Nepeta enters the gate with her wagon loaded. She quickly finds out that she can merchant her art from the wagon, but will need to stay at an inn, rent an apartment, camp outside the city, or buy,/make a home in or out of the city. Nepeta chooses to have peace and quiet around her while creating her art and purchases land rights from the town about a 1/2 days ride from the city. Visiting a local architect, she purchases blueprints for a fortified home suitable for her property, who also recommends a local carpenter to do the work. While waiting for her home to be built, she camps outside the city in her wagon, sells some wares in the market, and starts her first stint in the cities militia.


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